Mudragada team bike rally- black mail

  Written by : Suryaa Desk Updated: Fri, Jun 23, 2017, 02:49 PM

In the AP, once again, the movement of the movement - the former minister stampadu mudragadda versus the government is blasting the words. The bike rally to pilgrima Amravati from Kirillampudi on 26th of this month was to make BC reservation for Kapus. Home Minister N Chinnarajappa criticized the mudragadda for blackmailing the government and trying to make it successful. When he went along, the complications of the case were commented.

The motorcycle rally was held from Karkinada Serpara to Kilalpudhi to kappayampudi to make a festive trip to Amravati. Later he met Padmanabha at his residence in Kirillampudi. Kapu youth support for the print. Speaking on this occasion, the caller called for peaceful movement of youth. The print quadrilateral concludes that the rally begins on 26th of this month.

Meanwhile, AP Home Minister Chinnarajappa complained about Padmanabha. The newly constructed Rural Police Station was built along with his district SP Ravi Prakash on the Pitapuram bypass road. He then spoke to the audience. There are concerns that the security of the peace and security seals are without any permissibility. There is no permission for Chalo Amravati padayatra. The government is clearly aware of the fact that inclusion of Kapus in BCs. Still, the social class is being provoked to stamp out. But Chinnarajappa said the government knows how to deal with the law and order situation. The Home Minister asked the party not to take unnecessary cases to ensure that the youth is compromised.